Why do novel tissues give priority so much on hygiene?

Generally transmission of infections begins with our hands and to the other areas of our body. Thus we primarily give importance for hygiene in order to reduce the spread of bacteria. Our high quality wet wipes and personal hygiene products keep your face and skin fresh and confident instantly.

Why should I use products from Novel Tissues?

A Novel tissue product makes it promising in offering outstanding hygiene and cleanliness. Our highly regarded quality products are foremost in the present marketplace which ensures that products are truly perfect and fault-free in quality.

What Novel Tissues does to protect the surroundings?

Novel Tissues will give importance in reduce the damage to the environment at our manufacturing unit, waste, water and energy management. Environmental awareness is a division of training for the employees in our industry. Our production units are updated with latest laws and regulations.

Is there any preservatives used in wet wipes?

Intention of using certain minimal preservatives to avoid growth of microorganism during the process of manufacturing are tested in laboratory and ensured safe for skin.

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