Novel Tissues - Your personal hygiene. Our core business

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as Novel Tissues, a leading manufacturer of wet tissues and other personal hygiene products. Tissue papers find there use in everyday life in various means and forms. From lunchboxes to hamburgers; from moist sticky skin to makeup removers; there is always a reason or two, to use tissues!!. We are there with you whenever you need any thing of tissues.

Novel Tissues – Worthy of your attention? Yes indeed!!

Well, at Novel Tissues, the onus remains on providing the high quality offerings to our discerning customers.

Novel Tissues – the Company

A young company, a company that has witnessed tremendous growth and progress, within a short span of time. Qualified and professional team of mangers manages novel Tissues. Its sales offices and distribution networks, employing adequate qualified officers, are strategically placed in all the major towns and cities in India to ensure sales and after sales support to customers.

Novel Tissues is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. As a company, Novel Tissues has benefited tremendously from its steadfast focus on improving quality standard of its offerings. Rightly all our wet tissue products are licensed by the Controller of Drugs, Government of Karnataka, India. Its quality checks are stringent and of high standards. Right from the texture of the tissue fiber to the packaging style, we ensure you get the best product. The company employs quality professionals and follows ISO certified production processes, which ensures the desired quality in our end products.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities - We make sure
you get the best

Our clear vision about this business is “To be number one company in India , in tissue-paper based personal hygiene products, and deliver delight to our customers, each time, every time we serve them; our products and services.” In congruence with this vision, the company was incorporated in year 2003, and factory facilities were set-up at KIADB Industrial Area, Mysore, India. This facility was set up in accordance with international standards for quality, boasts of a capacity of over ten million packs of wet tissues alone per annum.

The wet tissue specialists

When it comes to manufacturing wet tissues, Novel stands leagues apart owing to its sheer class and deft. Novel wet tissues are extremely good for personal hygiene, for instant cleansing and freshening up. Our wet tissues are made from premium quality rayon non-woven fabric that is perfumed and moistened using the purest form of water, menthol, glycerin and trichlosan; ideal for a good, healthy skin. At Novel, we refrain from using any harmful chemicals. Our brand of wet tissues has been well accepted as a premium quality product by retail, corporate and other segments of the market.

The business

Novel Tissues is an active retail brand. It supplies a wide variety of tissues and personal care products to the retail markets across all the major cities in India . The company is also involved in private label packaging of its products to leading for their in-house consumption, promotion of brand and for use by their own customers.
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